Commercial Photo Gallery

Vacant Plaza Sewage Cleanup

This picture is from an vacant space that used to be a gym.  The sewage covered about 50,000 square feet of the affected building. Standing sewage was about 4 inches thick at its deepest point. 

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School Biology Lab Fire

This biology laboratory experience a fire from a match that was thrown into the garbage pail. The fire was extinguished fairly quick. 

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Apartment Washing Machine Water Damage

This was the aftermath of a washing machine overflow that affected 3 floors of an apartment building. We were called in to extract the standing water and dry the affected areas.

Conference Room Water Damage

This was the aftermath of an office that had a small pipe leak in the conference room. Luckily our customer caught the leak in a timely fashion and we were able to minimize the damage that was caused.

Pipe Burst in Office Park

This was the aftermath of one office in an office park that had a pipe break over night.  We were called to extract all of the standing water and dry the disaster at hand. 

Apartment Toilet Leak in Victor NY

This was the aftermath of a toilet leak in the apartment above our customers apartment. The problem went unnoticed for some time and water started to move its way through the floor into the ceiling of our customers apartment.